Roads & Bridges

Kashec has worked on many major bridge projects in the UK and overseas. This includes the design of new multi-span viaducts as well as routine inspection and assessment. At Longholme, Kashec undertook finite element computer modeling of the existing deck, while at Cambourne, Kashec was responsible for the design of the new multi-million pound structure.

In the highways field, Kashec has recent experience of new build schemes. The economic assessment and costing of departmental trunk road schemes on the A45 (now A14) and A12 was undertaken for the Highways Agency. Kashec designed and project managed the development of a new cemetery for North Herts District Council including production of contract documentation.

Having carried out numerous bridge and road projects, we are thoroughly familiar with Highways Agency (Department of Transport) and Local Authority procedures and standards for carrying out bridge and highway design, construction, assessment, inspection and strengthening work, and with conducting highway feasibility and cost-benefit studies and public consultations.

The field of bridge assessment, design, construction and strengthening is one of our major specialisations, and forms a large proportion of our regular work. Our staff include a number of expert bridge engineers who have developed interesting solutions to unusual problems arising in bridge design, and have presented papers at international conferences.  

Longholme Bridge - Bedford

Longholme Bridge - Bedford

Some of Our Clients

  • Highways Agency (Department of Transport)
  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Cheshire County Council
  • Suffolk County Council
  • Kent County Council
  • Linconshire County Council
  • Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire County Councils
  • The London Boroughs of Merton, Brent, Waltham Forest , Barnet and Kingston

Assessment, Strengthening and Repair of Existing Bridges

Kashec has carried out many inspections and assessments. We have produced assessment and check certificates for countless bridge structures for the Highways Agency (Department of Transport), County and Borough Councils in the UK, and have prepared innovative schemes for extending their useful life or for increasing their load capacity.

Our experience includes the following:

  • Inspection, Testing and Assessment for Condition, Load Capacity and Vehicle Collision: We have extensive experience in the assessment of all forms of bridge construction, both modern and old, ranging from simple trough deck bridges to sophisticated finite element analysis of multi-span pre-stressed concrete box girder bridges.

  • Design of Strengthening / Reconstruction: We are experienced in the repair and strengthening of all forms of bridge construction both modern and old. Where strengthening or reconstruction has been found necessary following assessments which have revealed strength deficiencies, the firm has developed schemes which take account of the need to continue carrying the existing road and foot traffic during site work. Some of this work has been innovative with careful consideration given to environmental concerns.

  • Assessment and Testing of Post Tensioned Tendons: We have specialist expertise in assessing risk and determining the condition of prestressing tendons in pre-stressed concrete structures where corrosion of post-tensioned tendons is suspected. We also have expertise in carrying out insitu tests to determine existing prestressing forces in tendons and insitu concrete stress in prestressed or reinforced concrete structures.

  • Assessment and Testing for Alkali Silica Reaction: - We have experience in diagnosing damage due to Alkali Silica Reaction, and can advise on its potential effects on the structure and on methods of managing Alkali Silica Reaction affected structures.

Design and Construction of New Bridges

Kashec has considerable expertise in design and design and build of new vehicular bridge, footbridge, and walkway designs in steel. We also have expertise in mechanical bearings and lifting arrangements, and we can therefore offer inventive solutions for any fixed, lifting or moving bridges and walkways in steel for spans up to approximately 100m.
We are also experienced in the design of short to medium span bridges in steel-concrete composite and pre-tensioned and post-tensioned concrete bridges.

Planning, Design and Construction of Road and Highway Schemes

Highway commissions awarded to the firm have ranged from schemes for the Trunk Roads to minor works on County Roads, including the road schemes where we have been lead consultant to the Highways Agency (Department of Transport). Schemes have been progressed from initial feasibility studies to Public Consultation and from design to supervision of work on site. In association with our joint venture partner firms specialising in traffic and transportation, we are able to offer a complete solution in highway planning, design and construction.