Nuclear & Energy

Kashec has worked with the Nuclear Industry as structural and civil consultants for the last 20 years and has an excellent track record in this field.

Whilst working for BNFL Magnox, Kashec undertook a broad range of projects for the nuclear industry. At Dungeness A & B, Kashec was involved in a detailed Finite Elements Analysis of the reactor structure, and the design of various improvements to the station, as well as structural survey work. At Berkeley Nuclear Power Station, Kashec designed the decommissioning works, including containment envelopes for the reactor buildings.

Kashec has also been approved as civil engineering consultants for British Nuclear Group, BNFL and British Energy. Following our first project for the nuclear Industry undertaken in 1990 and on successful completion of that project we have completed the following other nuclear projects:


Brief Description

Dungeness 'B' Power Station

Structural integrity check to latest British Standards for 70m high dumbbell shaped building housing two nuclear reactors, various associated mechanical plants, cranes, fuel handling gantries etc. The building is a structural steel framed building with some concrete floors and some steel beams with concrete slab construction. A major project with a very high level of professional responsibility. All work carried out to Kashec's third party certified QA system.

Dungeness'A' Nuclear Power Station

Independent checks of repair and strengthening proposals to prove safe operation into the new millennium, including independent assessment of primary bioshield walls and pilecap to resist increased operational requirements.

Berkeley Power Station

Survey and detailed design of protective deck, demolition and design of new roof as part of the height reduction scheme of the decommissioning process. Included design of external bases to support boiler shells.

Bradwell Power Station

Prepare schemes for proposed decommissioning of power station. Carry out design for schemes and prepare drawings. Schemes looked at ways of reducing the size of the existing reactor buildings etc.

Sizewell 'C' abnormal load route

Assessment of heavy load route including bridge assessments, carriageway restriction surveys, overhead obstructions, extensive report and review of heavy transport options available.

Oldbury Power Station

Assessment of capacity of turbine loading bay for plant and abnormal transporter loads.

Civil Inspection at Bradwell Power Station

Assist in carrying out inspection of the power station buildings to identify defects and prepare database.

Ling AO - Nuclear Power Station.

Redesign of condensate polishing plant according to new layouts including concrete frame, cladding and foundations.

Wylfa Nuclear Power Station

Preparing safety case for hot gas release scenarios. Checking adequacy of number of structural elements.

Kashec is thus fully conversant with the procedures and standards required in the Nuclear Industry, which have been complied with fully on all of the above projects. The decommissioning of Berkeley Nuclear Power Station was a challenging project which featured in the New Civil Engineer Magazine which highlighted the effective and efficient design by Kashec.

With our considerable experience in the Nuclear Industry we are well equipped to advise the client on complex issues relating to safety cases relating to civil engineering matters. We have prepared a number of reports which have been used in preparing safety cases for various aspects of the power station's continued operation. We are experienced in dynamic seismic analysis and design. Design checks for bioshield and pilecap subjected to large thermal variations were also undertaken by Kashec. Independent checks of design, calculations and drawings prepared by others were also carried out on some projects.

We have capability for developing pre and post processing software for any finite elements analysis using commercial programmes where considerable output data is generated. We have written in house, appropriate customised software for such applications for Dungeness A and other projects which have allowed us to rapidly check the result from the FE output.

Dungeness A & B Power Stations