Marine Engineering

Harbour masterplans, jetty designs, wharfs, docks, dolphins, and fenders etc. are all covered in the services provided to the marine sectors. Roll-on roll-off technology is a Kashec specialty. At Dieppe a multi-million floating linkspan was designed and successfully commissioned. This facility was built to take the latest Seacat vessels.

  • Roll-on roll-off Ferry Linkspans
  • Ship Fendering and Berthing Systems
  • Jetties, Port and Harbour Work
  • Lock Gates, Passenger Gangways etc.
  • Design Checking and Certification

Marine Structures and Port & Harbour Engineering

We specialise in the design and construction of terminals, linkspans and passenger gangways for roll-on roll-off ferries. Other port and harbour work includes the design of jetties, ship fendering systems and lock gates, as well as feasibility studies for port development and development of new ferry services. We offer complete turnkey packages or work as design consultants or sub-contractors within an existing port development project. Our policy is to work closely with selected specialist sub-contractors and joint venture partners with whom we have built up an understanding and who share our commitment to customer service and quality. On most of our marine structures, and port and harbour projects, we work with local contractors, fabricators and consultants, thereby ensuring that as much as possible of the expenditure remains within the local economy. We strive at all times to develop innovative solutions which minimise disruption of services during construction, whilst maximising flexibility and reliability of the finished product.

Kashec Designed Linkspans

We have been involved in the design and construction of more than twenty linkspans and passenger gangways. These linkspans, varying in length from 26 metres to 85 metres have been constructed all over the world including UK, Ireland, Europe, Malaysia, and India. On a number of these linkspans we worked as design consultants to turnkey contractors.

Kashec is capable of an almost infinite range of linkspan configurations in order to meet almost any customer requirement, allowing a flexible and reliable system to be commissioned within a very tight deadlines.

We are familiar with the seasonal nature of shipping and ferry services and understand the priority attached to maintaining the scheduled services. To this end, we are able to offer very rapid turnaround times from conception to commissioning of our linkspans. For example, the linkspan at Hook of Holland (see below) was designed, constructed and commissioned within less than 7 months of appointment. This is typical of the turnaround we achieve on linkspan projects.

Examples of Previous Kashec Linkspan Designs

  • Tees and Hartlepool Linkspan: 45m long and featuring a buoyancy tank which is integral with the deck structure, an idea pioneered by Kashec and now widely accepted.
  • Dieppe Linkspan: 85m long and the only linkspan in the world able to serve traditional vessels as well as Stena's new HSS.
  • Hook of Holland Linkspan: Submerged buoyancy tank in conjunction with mechanical locking bolts for ramped vessels.

Conventional and Articulated Ship Fendering Systems

We design, construct and install a wide range of fendering systems, both for use with our linkspans and as stand-alone systems. We also design special articulated fendering systems, for example fendering systems for use with HSS, ferries which require energy absorbing face which must remain exactly vertical.

On Shore Civil And Structural Work

On shore, we have been involved with a wide range of structural and civil work, including bridges, highways, commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial accommodation and warehouses. Hence we can offer a full range of services for any civil or structural engineering shore work which is required for the development of new port and harbour facilities.

Assessment, Strengthening and Repair of Existing Structures.

The ever increasing demands on operational flexibility, coupled with a heightened awareness of safety, places more and more demands on existing structures and equipment. Kashec has carried out inspections and assessments on countless structures, both bridges and buildings, and has prepared innovative schemes for extending their useful life or for increasing their load capacity.

When combined with our experience of new-build schemes at ports and harbours, this means that we are ideally placed to investigate existing structures at ports and harbours and prepare and implement schemes for their improvement.

Such a service could include some or all of the following:

  • Detailed site inspection with a written report and detailed drawings.
  • Testing of materials on site to determine strength and condition of materials.
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical assessments to determine suitability for present and/or proposed uses.
  • Preparation and implementation of innovative repair and strengthening schemes to meet the client's present and future needs.
  • Provision of certificates for legal and insurance purposes.

Feasibility Studies and Port and Harbour Development

We have been responsible for the project management of multi-disciplinary port and harbour projects, which has involved the co-ordination of sub-consultants, fabricators and mechanical and electrical contractors as well as liaison with developers and other consultants. In combination with our partner firm specialising in hydrodynamics and marine studies, we are able to offer a comprehensive feasibility study, design and build service.

Linkspan - Dieppe France